Newton Impeachment Resolution 

Newton Impeachment Resolution 
Newton Members – if you haven’t yet written to your City Councilors on the impeachment resolution, please do so asap. Hearing is scheduled for Monday. Write to and ask him to distribute to Council.

Councilors seem to understand the arguments re: obstruction and emoluments, yet a number feel that it is not their job to consider the issue. Arguments of note that seemed to have weight in the hearing:

1. This is a citizens petition (introduced by citizens as opposed to Councilors), which is provided for in the Newton City Charter, without limitation. There is no restriction that citizens petition be limited to municipal business.

2. City Councilors take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

3. The passion and concern expressed by many members of our community, who have worked to convince our members of Congress to initiate an impeachment investigation without success. The Council should act to reflect and amplify the voices of their constituents.

4. We are at a moment of Constitutional crisis, which demands action.

Please plan on attending the Hearing on the 19th and spread the word!!