Newton – Impeach Donald Trump Referendum

Newton Referendum to Impeach Donald Trump

A coalition of activist groups have been lobbying the members of the programs and services committee of the Newton City Council to support the Referendum to call for the impeachment of Donald Trump.  We know at least one member has already stated he will not support the referendum.  We need your help (Newton residents)  Please copy & paste this text and send an email to members of the committee  (feel free to add your own.  Sign and address at the end of the email.   Committee member email addresses:, “” <>,, Indivisible Newton Centre <>

To the members of the Programs and Services committee:

We are writing following up our letter of May 25 regarding the resolution to call for an impeachment investigation (docket #82-17), which will be coming before the committee next Wednesday, June 7. We were dismayed to learn this morning that a member is already voicing opposition, a full week ahead of the first meeting with public comment.

There is enormous enthusiasm and passion for the passage of this resolution. Collectively, we are appalled that more lawmakers, on both sides of the aisle, haven’t come forward to defend our Constitution from its continual, brazen undermining by the Trump administration.

The normalizing of corruption is incredibly dangerous for our government and all citizens. We recognize that both Democrats and Republicans have political concerns that, in their minds, prevent them from speaking out—but we are in very deep trouble indeed when one’s individual career and one’s party come before country.

The fact that so many lawmakers see defending the Constitution as partisan is shocking, and does not bode well for the survival of that document, or of our founding principles. It’s this inactivity that has brought us to this resolution before the City Council.

The objection has been raised that we shouldn’t “nationalize local politics.” But, on the contrary, we are localizing national politics—a principle Newton recently affirmed with the resounding passage of our Welcoming City Ordinance. Were it not for national political developments, the Welcoming City Ordinance would never have been proposed or passed.

Bringing this issue before our city government is evidence of the extent of the emergency: if there had been more political courage nationally up to this point, there would be no need for such action. We did not undertake this resolution project lightly. But beyond voting, calling our elected representatives, and out-and-out demonstrating, this is the last, but possibly the best, voice we have as citizens. As patriots, we need to use every tool at our disposal.

This resolution effort also acts as a means of public education: many people have been under- or ill-informed about the extent of the President’s financial corruption and constitutional abuses; they may be unaware of the provisions in the Constitution forbidding such abuses. They may feel they have no recourse and are subject only to the whims and inaction of Congress. Many even are taken aback by the boldness of publicly speaking at the municipal level—but that is the kind of political engagement our country was founded upon.

To date, the limits on this administration’s abuses have been some combination of judicial and grassroots resistance.  Even our more progressive representatives have been reluctant to openly discuss impeachment, although recent polling indicates majority support for the impeachment of Donald Trump. Given these circumstances we believe it’s vital that the movement to defend our democracy and Constitution continue as a grassroots effort. Towards that end, we need the power of our local governments to amplify our individual voices. As towns such as Newton and Brookline express support for impeachment, and implore our federal representatives to take a stand, we collectively create a political atmosphere in Massachusetts and in other states to resist this assault on our democratic principles and institutions.

We’d like to note that while some of us were attending hearings about Brookline’s impeachment resolution, we heard several selectmen and Town Meeting members voice their concerns over the local/federal issue, as well as others. They listened to their constituents carefully, and in the end voted in favor of the resolution 158-2. We would hope that, in this fraught time for our country, Newton would give the resolution the same thoughtful consideration.

To state it as plainly as possible: These are not normal times. Our political situation at home and abroad is growing more dire by the day. Trump’s violations of the Constitution and the norms of presidential behavior are both unprecedented and setting corrosive precedents. Extraordinary times require extraordinary responses. We hope very much for your support for our resolution to call for an impeachment investigation.

Yours sincerely,


Indivisible Massachusetts Action
Indivisible Newton Centre
Local Indivisible Power–MetroWest